Travelers to Hanoi, Vietnam can get in, around and out using a variety of transportation modes, each better suited to a particular schedule or budget.Taxis offer the greatest speed and convenience but also cost the most (they also offer the greatest likelihood of ripping you off). Bikes can be rented at your Hanoi hostel for as low as a dollar a day but can be very dangerous for travelers unused to Hanoi’s chaotic, anarchic traffic.So, think carefully about where you want to go (like these must-see sights in Hanoi) and how you want to get there; what might cost you the least may take up the most time, and a bigger transportation budget may actually save in terms of more sights seen and less hassle along the road.

Transportation from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi

– Air travelers flying into Hanoi will need to go through Noi Bai International Airport, about 40 minutes’ drive from the Hanoi city center. Located in Soc Son District about 28 miles north of Hanoi’s city center, Noi Bai lies about 40 minutes’ taxi ride from the Old Quarter.

– Travelers exiting from Noi Bai Airport can take the bus, minibus, taxi, or hotel airport transfer to Hanoi city proper. Buses and minibusses cost the least but take up the most waiting or travel time. Taxis are your most expensive option but can get you to town the fastest, assuming you can navigate your way around the touts and scammers in the arrivals area.

Transportation around Hanoi

The great majority of Hanoi’s main tourist areas – including its best eating places, shops, hotels, and historic sights – lie within a one-mile radius surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake.

Electric Bus: Hanoi’s golf-buggy-esque ecofriendly Electric Bus tour is actually a pretty good way to get your bearings in the city. It traverses a network of 14 stops in the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake, parting the flow of motorbikes and pedestrians like a slow-moving white dragon. Nothing really beats haphazardly discovering the nooks and crannies of the Old Quarter by foot, but if you’re feeling a tad lazy, the hop-on, hop-off bus is worth considering. The main departure point is the northern end of Hoan Kiem Lake, and there’s another departure point outside Dong Xuan Market. A full journey around the Old Quarter takes around an hour, with a recorded English-language commentary as you ride.

Cyclo: A few cyclo drivers still frequent the Old Quarter, and if you’re only going a short distance, it’s a great way to experience the city (despite the fumes). Aim to pay around 50,000 VNĐ for a shortish journey; night rides are more. Few cyclo drivers speak English so take a map and your hotel calling card with you.

Motorbike Taxi: You won’t have any trouble finding a xe om (motorbike taxi) in Hanoi. An average journey in the city centre costs around 15,000VNĐ to 20,000VNĐ, while a trip further to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is around 35,000VNĐ to 40,000VNĐ. For two or more people, a metered taxi is usually cheaper than a convoy of xe om.

Technical tranportation (Uber, Grap): available in Hanoi

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