Speaker instructions:

Below is information regarding your presentation at the ICPMAT2018.

1.  Most talks are 20-minutes in length; this includes a time for questions and answers. Invited talks in each session are 30 minutes.  Keynote lectures are 45 minutes.

2.  All presentations will be done with a laptop computer using an LCD projector.

3.  Presenters can use your own laptop computer or the laptop computer prepared by the Oganizers of ICPMAT2018 to project the presentation.

4.  We strongly encourage you to have a backup of your presentation on a USB storage device in the event your laptop has a technical problem or is incompatible with the LCD projector.

5.  We ask that all presentations be ready at the beginning of the technical session.

6.  International speakers, be sure that you have the necessary cords/converters so that your laptop will work with the LCD projector. HDMI connections will be used.

7.  We strongly encourage you to test your laptop compatibility with the equipment provided by going to your presentation room during the breaks.

Poster instructions:

Approved abstract authors can hang up their posters at the ICPMAT conference venue, on the 10th floor, as of Wednesday, 5 September 2018, between 13:00 and 15:00 hrs. The posters will be evaluated and selected for poster prizes from 16:00 hrs.